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About Us


For thirty-five years, I spent my time as well as my talent designing for and building other people’s dreams in the engineering field.  In 2019, I decided it was time to spend my time and talent to build my dreams, hence James Gems & Pearls came into being.  I have always enjoyed creating beautiful items, graphic design, writing and photography.  James Gems & Pearls allows me to encompass all of these into one.  I have always loved jewelry especially South Sea pearls with their beautiful luminous glow.  I launched this business in April 2019 to share my love of beautifully handcrafted jewelry.

 James Gems & Pearls uses both natural freshwater, cultured pearls and high-quality Austrian made crystal pearls as noted in our designs.  The most magnificently manufactured crystal pearls are produced in Austria.  These pearls have the look of cultured pearls but with a silky smooth and more resistant surface to most chemicals, perfumes, and UV rays.  Most importantly, high-quality Austrian made crystal pearls are a fraction of the price of cultured pearls.  Components paired with the pearls are also produced by high quality Austrian made unless otherwise noted. 

The rhinestones used in our metal designs are manufactured by high-quality Austrian made as well, unless otherwise noted.  They are of a high quality and give off exceptional sparkle. We pair the high-quality Austrian made elements with natural stones for high-end style without the high-end prices. Both our natural pearls and crystal pearls are all hand-knotted on silk for durability and strength.

James Gems & Pearls utilizes natural gemstones and laboratory created or man-made gemstones in some of our designs. We notate the origin of the gemstones and we notate the quality of the gemstone used as well so our customers can make an informed buying decision.

James Gems & Pearls crafts one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces and/or limited number of designs which allow you to tell your story through your style.  Your jewelry, as well as your clothes, makes a statement about your personality.  It tells others if you are bold or demure, classic, or eclectic, lavish, or minimalist.  What we wear has a huge impact of how we interact with others.

It is our hope you enjoy our designs with subtle twists on classic jewelry designs.  We have styles and price points for everyone.  Many of our pieces are very versatile because we understand jewelry is not the first thing you are thinking about purchasing right now. We do custom orders especially for bridal parties. 

Also, James Gems & Pearls is a minority woman disabled veteran owned business.  We donate ten percent of all our profits to charities supporting those who have no voice and disabled veterans.